Getting latitude and longitude readings in Google Maps

Yesterday my manager asked me for help. We’re required by our client to provide coordinates reading for few places and she has pinpoint the locations in Google Maps and now she need to find out the coordinates of those places.

The problem is, Google Maps doesn’t provide you with coordinates reading unlike Google other similar application, Google Earth. Actually there is a way to find it out as I believe this is included in the application itself. After not so much googling, I’ve found out the way to get those coordinates

First you need to make sure that the point or placemark is centre on the map by right-click on it and choose center map here option. After that, copy this JavaScript code and paste it on your browser’s address bar.


Press enter and a pop-up window with latitude and longitude values will appear. That’s all, it is that easy J.


Microsoft Silverlight

Quoted from ” Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.”

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Inserting page number in OpenOffice Writer

Inserting page number in OpenOffice Writer is not as straight-forward process as in Microsoft Word. But never fret, the process is quite easy actually but just involved extra steps in OpenOffice. First we need to add header or footer in our pages depending on where we want the page number to appear. Do this by clicking:

Insert > Header > Default or Insert > Footer > Default

Next, add the page number by doing this:

Insert > Fields > Page Number

That’s all it takes to add page number in OpenOffice Writer.

ASP.Net (VS 2005): This address is restricted in Firefox error

Yesterday when I debugged my website in Visual Web Developer Express, I was greeted by this error “This address is restricted: This address uses a network port which is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Firefox has canceled the request for your protection”. There’s even a try again button but same result appear even though I clicked it repeatedly. For almost one year I’ve been using VWD 2005 Express for developing web application never once I’ve encountered such problem.

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Hook up Maxis wireless broadband connection with wireless router

Yesterday my boss gave me a wireless maxis broadband modem and a TP-Link TL-WR542G wireless router and asked me to hook-up those two devices so that our wireless maxis broadband connection can be shared throughout the entire office. My office currently using Streamyx Enterprise 1.0Mbps package and this maxis wireless broadband serves as a backup and emergency Internet connection plan.


The task was quite important given that we have encountered so many problems and downtimes on our streamyx connection. Most recently was just last week when we had almost no Internet connection for almost 4 days as a result of bad luck and mishaps that among others are unreliable technical support, faulty modem and also faulty splitter (can you imagine all of that happened in one week?)

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BOOTMGR is compressed

Last Thursday, I’m doing a routine disk cleanup on my office’s PC C: drive, as the current free space is reduced to only 516MB. This time however, I did checked the box for compressed old files, as doing so will save me approximately 4GB of space. Found out later that my choice wasn’t a very good one.
Next day, when I switched on my PC, I was greeted by an error message right after POST screen. I got this error message on my screen,

BOOTMGR is compressed. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

Well pressing ctrl+alt+del didn’t helped much, it’s just restrted the PC again and the same error message is displayed when POST is completed. So I turn to the trustworthy Uncle Google for help but mostly I found out this problem happened on Vista installed PC, while my PC is running Windows 2000 Professional as a primary OS with Microsoft Longhorn (that Vista in beta version) as a secondary OS in a dual boot configuration. So none of the solution offered worked for me.

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