I’m not sad…

This picture summarize my feelings now.

This afternoon, after tiring myself up with painting the gates and the bathroom ceilings, I took a very long and deep nap.

And as usual, I had a dream.

It was a weird dream. Somehow the background will either be during my time in UKM or MCKK.

The good thing is she’s in the dream. Guess I really think of her that much lately, with the ever increasing trolls from the guys.

And another good thing is Sunny and Tiffany come and pay me a visit.

Guess I really that lonely. I need a company, a companion.

I’m not sad. I’m just a bit lonely…


New lifestyle starts now

I am now in the possibly the worst condition in my life in the recent times.

I’ve been out of job for one month and I have gained a bit of weight that I’m struggling to lose for the past one year. I’m  now weigh at incredibly 268 pounds and my waistline is 48.5 inches.

This has to stop now and I really need to take control of my life before it spiraling out of my control. I have decided that I should become healthier by losing more than 20 pound exactly 30 days for now.

To help me realize this, here what’s I’ve already done.

  1. Make a meal/food log. Record down every single thing that I eat daily
  2. Make an exercise log. Record every physical activities
  3. Make a progress log. Record my weight and body measurement every day

So, here what I going to do starting now:

  • No more rice
  • Substitute rice with oatmeal or whole grain bread
  • Eat small but frequently every 3 hours
  • Do cardio on the stationary elliptical trainer for 15 mins, twice daily
  • Do a body-weight workout routine every other day.

Hopefully I have what I needed to pull this through. So God please help me…

Give me email address or no Farmville for you!

I found this fascinating quote today:

Popular Facebook game Farmville has caused outrage among users who have found themselves locked out for refusing to hand over access to their email accounts to the game.shinyshiny.tv, Farmville locks out users who won’t hand over their email addresses, Apr 2010

You should read the whole article.

Happy New Year 2009

It’s seemed like just few weeks ago we celebrated 2008. Time passes by so fast and tomorrow we will celebrate a new year of 2009. End of last year, I made a post of this about what I want to achieve in 2008. Let see how many things I have managed to fulfill

  1. Persuade my boss to give me an increment
  2. Get a new car (most probably BLM)
  3. Increase my monthly study loan repayment from RM 100.30 to at least RM 150
  4. Lose my weight, at least 5 kilos a month
  5. Learn a third language, probably either Mandarin or Japanese
  6. Enroll myself in a “kelas mengaji”
  7. Get a Microsoft certification

Out of the 7 items in my wishful list, I only managed to complete the first two. So, I will carry on the rest five and add a bit modification as my New Year resolution.

So here’s my 2009 resolution:

  1. Increase my monthly study loan repayment from RM 100.30 to at least RM 150 – Current situation, RM0.00 every month 😛
  2. Lose fat of my body, at least 1 inches from my tummy every month
  3. Learn a third language, probably either Mandarin or Japanese and Cantonese
  4. Enroll myself in a “kelas mengaji”
  5. Get a Microsoft certification – This probably hard, unless my company somehow sponsor even half of the fees

So, I sincerely hope that I at least fulfill half of the resolution by the end of fist quarter of 2009. Wish me luck and hopefully your’s will come true also.

Happy New Year!

My new ride

Yesterday after almost 3 months of waiting, finally my new car arrived at my doorstep. The Saga BLM is a metallic-black, manual transmission medium-line variant. Actually I booked a white colour but since my brother a.k.a the salesman itself said I can get the car faster if I change to black because the immediate manual transmission stocks available is either in black or blue, so I opted for black.

And it turned out my decision is correct; the Saga BLM is simply stunning in black, much better than the white one. The black tone is different for the one used in the old Saga and it’s look a bit brownish under the sunlight. I was impressed with the exterior look of the car even though it’s a tad smaller that what I’d imagined. Interior parts are much better and look higher quality than the old ‘kereta kebal’ Saga. No complaints except for the glove box doesn’t aligned properly with the dashboard line when it’s closed and obviously the material used look ‘el cheapo’ compared to my bro’s Gen.2.

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