Of getting fit and gym membership

I must admit that I’m not physically fit and my body is far from perfect condition. That’s why I force myself for jogging and do brisk walking every day after work. But lately the whether condition in Kelana Jaya is a bit unpredictable and it always rain every late afternoon. Sometimes I had to stay back until 8pm because of sudden work that needed to be done urgently. Thus, jogging in Kelana Jaya Lake every evening after works is no longer a feasible option for me anymore to get my body fit.

So to get fit,  the only option left  is to join any gym or fitness centre so that I can do my workouts without ever worry abut the whether condition. The only thing stopping me from joining one because the fee might be damn expensive and I don’t own any credit card to pay via monthly installment (but the truth was I quite shy on going to those places). Then the chance I’ve been waiting for came to me in a form of a gift voucher.

So I won a free one month of Celebrity Fitness membership from a lucky draw organized by my company. So I went to the 1 Utama branch to cash my voucher and I was greeted by a quite pretty sales person named Charmine (if I remember correctly). After a brief tour of the facilities and measuring my weight and body fat, she started to sell the membership package to me. But as I’m a though nut to crack, I told her I won’t be joining nor sign anything until I get my free one month membership. So she called her manager, (same old sales pitch they used on everyone else) to give me a better deal.

Turns out her manager is a Caucasian male looking nothing like a manager. This guy tried even harder to get me to sign on spot by giving me free two-months and even he waived the ridiculously high registration fee. But I stood my ground and lastly they relented by giving me my free one-month membership.

Actually I was quite irritated at their sales pitch until now I never once use the free membership. The reasons are; One Utama is quite far from my workplace it’s a hassle to go there especially on weekends, I don’t like the dim-discotheque environment with hip-hip/trance music blasting loudly on the speakers and most importantly I’m a bit scared on bumping into them as I think they might not give up on getting me to sign as a member.

Exactly one week after the incident, I signed as a member at a small gym near my workplace, Energy Fitness. I got all the details that to health & fitness section in lowyat.net. I only need to pay RM80 monthly which is perfectly fit into my monthly budget and the lifetime joining fee of RM125. It’s a small gym occupied two floor in Dataran Glomac but it have everything from weight machine, free weight barbells and dumbbells to few cardio machine like treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machine.

I’ve been a member of the gym for almost a month now. My target is to do 40-60 minutes of workouts every day which I still haven’t managed to do it. Hopefully, next month I can go more frequently than twice a week that currently I’m doing now.


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