The “not so happening” at GSC Mid Valley

Last Wednesday I was given free ticket to another screening again. This time it’s a thriller by one of my favourite director, M Night Shyamalan. The only difference in this screening from others that I’ve attended to, was this time it’s free seating. So by the time the ushers let us in, we scrammed like mad trying to secure best seats in the hall. We managed to get the C row, the third top row from top of the hall. It’s was a good change because before this I always given row closer to the screen.

The movie started 10 minutes late even though there was no security checks like they always did in previous “blockbuster” screening. I don’t know why this time they just stationed 2-3 Rela officers in every hall instead of full-blown security checks at the point of entry. Maybe the distributors confident enough people would not try to “piratize” this movie because lack of commercial values in it or the recent oil price increase has forced them to do some cost-cutting measures :P.

The Happening features Mark Wahlberg in the lead role as a science teacher. I really like this guy especially in Four Brothers and The Italian Job. This time instead of the usual tough guy role, his role in this movie is a bit geeky and soft spoken guy.

Story wise, I think it’s rather plain. Basically this movie started of with something “happened” in Central Park, New York and quickly escalates to the whole city until the whole Mid-western America is affected. As people of New York frantically try to escape the city, more and more people are fallen into “it” as they tried to make sense on what is happening actually.

I must admit I really like film with this sort of end-of-world-and-humanity panic like I am Legend and War of The Worlds but Shyamalan successfully takes this so called “genre” into another level. The way that he portrays they whole panic situation and human emotion when dealing with unexpected and uncertainties really captures me. It’s so deep and real thus made me wonder during the entire movie what would I do if the same thing happened (nauzubillah :P) to me in KL.

The only think that this movie lacked is plot twist at the end Perhaps I was hoping too much but I can’t help it after I became his fan after watching Sixth Sense and The Village. That why I could only give this movie 3 stars out of 5. One warning though, even though this movie is rated U, I wouldn’t recommend this to minors due to abundance of gore scenes depicted in this film (no, thanks to our FUBARed rating system but thanks another story to rant on :P) Next week, The Rock and Steve Carell ‘s Get Smart screening at the same place. I can’t wait!


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