Of getting fit and gym membership

I must admit that I’m not physically fit and my body is far from perfect condition. That’s why I force myself for jogging and do brisk walking every day after work. But lately the whether condition in Kelana Jaya is a bit unpredictable and it always rain every late afternoon. Sometimes I had to stay back until 8pm because of sudden work that needed to be done urgently. Thus, jogging in Kelana Jaya Lake every evening after works is no longer a feasible option for me anymore to get my body fit.

So to get fit,  the only option left  is to join any gym or fitness centre so that I can do my workouts without ever worry abut the whether condition. The only thing stopping me from joining one because the fee might be damn expensive and I don’t own any credit card to pay via monthly installment (but the truth was I quite shy on going to those places). Then the chance I’ve been waiting for came to me in a form of a gift voucher.

So I won a free one month of Celebrity Fitness membership from a lucky draw organized by my company. So I went to the 1 Utama branch to cash my voucher and I was greeted by a quite pretty sales person named Charmine (if I remember correctly). After a brief tour of the facilities and measuring my weight and body fat, she started to sell the membership package to me. But as I’m a though nut to crack, I told her I won’t be joining nor sign anything until I get my free one month membership. So she called her manager, (same old sales pitch they used on everyone else) to give me a better deal.

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Get Smart review

The first time I watched Steve Carell was when he played Evan Baxter, opposite Jim Carrey    in Bruce Almighty. That time I believe most people hardly know him until he come out in the Americanized version of The Office. Since then, he starred in many mostly successful comedy movies and the latest one is Get Smart

Get Smart is actually a remake of the same title tv series which was quite popular in the sixties. I’m not gonna waste my time comparing this movie with the original one because first, I never watched the tv series. Secondly, I was not even born yet in during the tv series heyday and third, I don’t give a crap about sixties tv series as most of them are crap anyway (except for I dream of genie)

This time around, as Maxwell Smart a.k.a agent 86. Carell is cast together with other great ensemble such as Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. IMHO all the cast are great and you can even see everyone’s favourite “Heroes” Masi Oka played as a small supporting role in this movie.

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The “not so happening” at GSC Mid Valley

Last Wednesday I was given free ticket to another screening again. This time it’s a thriller by one of my favourite director, M Night Shyamalan. The only difference in this screening from others that I’ve attended to, was this time it’s free seating. So by the time the ushers let us in, we scrammed like mad trying to secure best seats in the hall. We managed to get the C row, the third top row from top of the hall. It’s was a good change because before this I always given row closer to the screen.

The movie started 10 minutes late even though there was no security checks like they always did in previous “blockbuster” screening. I don’t know why this time they just stationed 2-3 Rela officers in every hall instead of full-blown security checks at the point of entry. Maybe the distributors confident enough people would not try to “piratize” this movie because lack of commercial values in it or the recent oil price increase has forced them to do some cost-cutting measures :P.

The Happening features Mark Wahlberg in the lead role as a science teacher. I really like this guy especially in Four Brothers and The Italian Job. This time instead of the usual tough guy role, his role in this movie is a bit geeky and soft spoken guy.

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