My new ride

Yesterday after almost 3 months of waiting, finally my new car arrived at my doorstep. The Saga BLM is a metallic-black, manual transmission medium-line variant. Actually I booked a white colour but since my brother a.k.a the salesman itself said I can get the car faster if I change to black because the immediate manual transmission stocks available is either in black or blue, so I opted for black.

And it turned out my decision is correct; the Saga BLM is simply stunning in black, much better than the white one. The black tone is different for the one used in the old Saga and it’s look a bit brownish under the sunlight. I was impressed with the exterior look of the car even though it’s a tad smaller that what I’d imagined. Interior parts are much better and look higher quality than the old ‘kereta kebal’ Saga. No complaints except for the glove box doesn’t aligned properly with the dashboard line when it’s closed and obviously the material used look ‘el cheapo’ compared to my bro’s Gen.2.

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