Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008!

This year is a quite memorable for me. Although nothing big happened to my personal life, something big and significant happened to me in my career life.

After quitting the job as a Singtel/Singnet technical support end of last year, I was jobless for about two months until I came across a job advertisement in The job position was a Web Developer. Even though I out of programming field for almost 6 months, thank God I managed to secure the job. Now living my dream working as a web developer and hopefully I will become a more “well-developed” web developer in this coming new year.

That’s the biggest achievement I had in 2007. The not so good memories I had in this year includes failing an interview for a government officer position and failed two government service entrance exams :P. I don’t know what went wrong because in 2006 also took both of the exams and pass with flying colours. Maybe I was not meant to be a government officer.

So for 2008, I hope many good things will come to my life. Like every other previous end of year, I will set targets that I would like to achieve in my life for 2008. Here is my list:

  1. Persuade my boss to give me an increment
  2. Get a new car (most probably BLM)
  3. Increase my monthly study loan repayment from RM 100.30 to at least RM 150
  4. Lose my weight, at least 5 kilos a month
  5. Learn a third language, probably either Mandarin or Japanese
  6. Enroll myself in a “kelas mengaji”
  7. Get a Microsoft certification

Most of the items in the list would only be made possible only if the No.1 is materialized. So to my boss if you’re reading this, please-please-please raise my salary :P. Adios 2007!

2 wishes achieved already! 5 more to go 🙂


About roymcavoy
Nothing much..... Just an ordinary, regular, straight 27 years old who lives in Malaysia

2 Responses to Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008!

  1. igorlexus says:

    Happy New Year dude ! 😛

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