I am Legend preview

Last Tuesday I got a chance to attend a press preview of I am Legend. The truth is, I expected a lot of things to come out from this movie particularly because Will Smith starred in this film and lately I have watched a lot of end-of-humanity, diseases and zombie kind-of-movie.

The story revolves around Robert Neville played by Will Smith, a US Army scientist who battle weird killer disease. In 2007 a scientist have found a cure for cancer by modifying and manipulation a strain of unknown virus. At first, all seem to work fine but not until one after another cancer patient cured using this treatment method start to die. Cut the story short, almost 90% of world population was wiped out from the face of the earth because of this and Neville, since he’s immune to this virus, battle to survive alone in Manhattan, New York.

The story starts well with since of Neville cruising around in Ford Mustang on empty and deserted New York City’s street. 30 minutes into the story, it’s starting to get boring. Don’t get me wrong, Will Smith is a great actor but see him talking to his dog, doing daily chores like exercising, hunting and even talk to bunch of mannequin in DVD store is getting lethargic after a while.

The frequent flashbacks throughout the entire movie don’t help much with the storyline build-up. Its does serve one purpose only, a constant painful memory for Neville on how he lost his family in that fateful night before the army start quarantined the entire Manhattan Island. And guess what, his family not even died because of the incurable disease. I except more insight on haw the disease spread from the flashbacks but I was left disappointed.

One more thing, while the special effect on the portrayal of deserted New York is simply amazing and breathtaking, it’s a bit disappointing when it comes to rendering of the “infected” a.k.a. the zombies. The zombies look a bit cartoonish and the bald zombie leader doesn’t look menacing at all. Even zombies from “Shaun of the Dead” look more convincing than this.

Final verdict, I think this movie would be better of Spielberg or Jackson directed it. Francis Lawrence imho, has failed to turn out the Richard Matheson masterpiece into a worthy silver screen blockbuster hit. Only strong and convincing acting from Will Smith is a saving grace for this movie. Watch this only if you’re not tired of yet another zombie-end-of-the-world flick and big fan of Mr. Smith. 2 out of 5 stars


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