Hook up Maxis wireless broadband connection with wireless router

Yesterday my boss gave me a wireless maxis broadband modem and a TP-Link TL-WR542G wireless router and asked me to hook-up those two devices so that our wireless maxis broadband connection can be shared throughout the entire office. My office currently using Streamyx Enterprise 1.0Mbps package and this maxis wireless broadband serves as a backup and emergency Internet connection plan.


The task was quite important given that we have encountered so many problems and downtimes on our streamyx connection. Most recently was just last week when we had almost no Internet connection for almost 4 days as a result of bad luck and mishaps that among others are unreliable technical support, faulty modem and also faulty splitter (can you imagine all of that happened in one week?)

So, during that time we use our maxis broadband connection as a backup but we have to take turn on using in. So just imagine almost 20 people waiting in line to use it to download their mails. Thank God our next door neighbour is generous enough to provide wifi access for free 😛


1st thing I did was googled up for solution. Most of it form lowyat.net and myPDAcafe.com suggest that I disable the router function in my TP-Link (I don’t how how the hell to achieve this, or maybe that ask to disable the DHCP server on the router itself) So, I set up static IP address connection on all of the notebook and PC to connect to the wireless router because the provided ZTE maxis modem has a built in router function. But this solution doesn’t really work (or not working at all)


After tinkering with the router page for almost two hours, I’ve finally made the router work with the ZTE maxis broadband modem. The solution is quite simple and straight-forward. Here are the steps I’ve taken to make my wireless router work with maxis wireless broadband.


1st, I entered the router setup page by typing On the WAN setup option, usually we choose PPPOE/A to hook-up with streamyx connection, but this time chose Dynamic IP option and if there is an option to key-in the default gateway, put After that the modem will be rebooted and ZTE modem will assign IP address to router. Upon close checking on the status page, all of the subnet mask, DNS will be assigned and detected automatically. Enable the DHCP server and after that, all workstation PC and notebook can get connected to the router and access the Internet. That all the steps needed to hook-up external wireless router to maxis wireless broadband. As simple as ABC :).


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6 Responses to Hook up Maxis wireless broadband connection with wireless router

  1. igorlexus says:

    I am too poor for wireless broadband ;_;

  2. heislyc says:

    Hi Roy, what do you think about sharing connection on Maxis Wireless USB Modem?

  3. roymcavoy says:

    hi there heislyc,

    for Maxis Wireless USB Moden, I believe you can use a specially built wireless router to share your internet connection. I believe Aztch has this. Check this link out http://www.aztech.com/my/3g_hw831.html

  4. tongtongchan says:

    Hi Roy, I tried using your method to connect Maxis 3G ZTE modem to my D-Link wifi router. As you mentioned, all the subnet mask, DNS were assigned and my computer indicates that there is internet connection, but somehow, I just can’t browse or use the internet connection. Can you help please?

  5. lisackl says:


    I tried your way on my DLINK DSL2460T and viola ! It works perfectly!! I’m so happy..

    But there is one thing i want to add is you got to have DNS preset in the router/client and

    Happy trying to all!!

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