BOOTMGR is compressed

Last Thursday, I’m doing a routine disk cleanup on my office’s PC C: drive, as the current free space is reduced to only 516MB. This time however, I did checked the box for compressed old files, as doing so will save me approximately 4GB of space. Found out later that my choice wasn’t a very good one.
Next day, when I switched on my PC, I was greeted by an error message right after POST screen. I got this error message on my screen,

BOOTMGR is compressed. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

Well pressing ctrl+alt+del didn’t helped much, it’s just restrted the PC again and the same error message is displayed when POST is completed. So I turn to the trustworthy Uncle Google for help but mostly I found out this problem happened on Vista installed PC, while my PC is running Windows 2000 Professional as a primary OS with Microsoft Longhorn (that Vista in beta version) as a secondary OS in a dual boot configuration. So none of the solution offered worked for me.

Not until I stumbled upon this great blog Actually, to solve the problem is very simple an straight-forward. You just need to decompressed the BOOTMGR so it can function normally.

So, let me reiterate steps I’ve taken to fix the problem. 1st I inserted the Windows 2000 installation cd into my CD-ROM drive and boot from it. Next, I let the installation to load all the driver. After it finished loading, I hit


to choose the Windows Installation Repair Option and then hit


to enter console command option. Next, I choose 1 for my current Windows 2000 installation that I would like to repair.

Next step, I type

cd \

to change directory to the root


drive. To decompressed the BOOTMGR, I just simply typed

attrib -c bootmgr

Restarted the PC after that and walla!, my PC is functioning again once more.


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One Response to BOOTMGR is compressed

  1. After typing “attrib -c bootmgr” (Without parenthesis ofcourse) I get an error saying “Invalid switch – -c” Any suggestions?

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