Hitman screening at GSC Mid Valley

One of the perk that staffs in my company enjoy are free screening of latest movie. Usually it’s held one or two days before the official release at the cinemas nationwide. That’s why I enjoy working here 🙂

Last week, I got a chance to watch the quite anticipated movie based on a popular PC game published by Eidos, Hitman. I must admit I’m not a fan of game-turns-into-a-movie mainly because most them sucks (no thanks to you Mr. Uwe Boll). To name a few like Doom, DOA, Resident Evil (except for the latest incarnation, Extinction) failed to make box-office collection.

Even my colleague who writes movie review warned me not to bring my gamer’s mentality when watching this movies or else she said I wouldn’t enjoyed it much. Luckily for me, I never played Hitman not even once in my entire life (blame it on my aging Radeon 8500le graphic card :P), so I don’t have any expectation whatsoever when I step into the screening hall.

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BOOTMGR is compressed

Last Thursday, I’m doing a routine disk cleanup on my office’s PC C: drive, as the current free space is reduced to only 516MB. This time however, I did checked the box for compressed old files, as doing so will save me approximately 4GB of space. Found out later that my choice wasn’t a very good one.
Next day, when I switched on my PC, I was greeted by an error message right after POST screen. I got this error message on my screen,

BOOTMGR is compressed. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

Well pressing ctrl+alt+del didn’t helped much, it’s just restrted the PC again and the same error message is displayed when POST is completed. So I turn to the trustworthy Uncle Google for help but mostly I found out this problem happened on Vista installed PC, while my PC is running Windows 2000 Professional as a primary OS with Microsoft Longhorn (that Vista in beta version) as a secondary OS in a dual boot configuration. So none of the solution offered worked for me.

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